Karakoram Prime X binding

Karakoram Prime X binding


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The Karakoram Prime X is the absolute showpiece of Karakoram. The unique 3D-shaped baseplate extends below the foot. The Reactive Highback provides feel and response. Together with the upgraded 2.0 interface, this makes the Karakoram X the final result of a unique combination of epic constructions and techniques.




The Karakoram 'Alpines' are all equipped with the special X-baseplate. The binding has an asymmetrical heelcup, with the outer side being higher for better power transfer and grip during touring and a lower inner side for more freedom of movement and a 'surfy' feel. The chassis consists of High Strength Alloy Aluminium for damping and better control on uneven terrain. The X-Type baseplate is made from a combination of High Strength Alloy Aluminium and Stainless Steel. All Karakoram bindings nowadays have an Open Chassis, which means that all non-functional material has been milled away. Not only does this save weight, but it also provides a more natural flex under the binding. The Reactive Highback is medium stiff and light weight. It gives the rider tweakability.

  • Open Chasis
  • Aluminium hardware and hollow pins
  • Reactive Highback



This binding is equipped with an Airpod Ankle and Air-Form Toe Strap. The Airpod allows for more comfort where the Air-form provides a better fit and more responsiveness. This is thanks to the closed structure of the Airpod. All unnecessary materials have been removed from the Air-Form Toe Straps, making the strap lighter and easier to pull over your toe like a hood.

  • Air-Pod Ankle + Air-Form Toe straps



The Karakoram interface operates by using the signature lever at the heelcup that allows the binding to be released from the interface. The Dual Ride-Stride Forward Lean Adjuster on the highback is designed to be easily rotated 90° and 180°. This gives you a Forward Lean of -8° during touring and the possibility of 0° to 22° during boarding.  

Weight: 775 gr.


 Karakoram Bindings 20/21 Sizechart
Small 6 - 8 < 41 < 26
Medium 8.5 - 11 41.5 - 44.5 26-29
Large 11.5 - 13 45 + 29+
Total lenght -
Contact lenght -
Nose lenght -
Tail lenght -
Sidecut radius -
Nose width -
Waist width -
Tail width -
Inzerts set back -
Eels set back -
Foot size -
Weight -